Sea Fever 5 Schedule of Events and Billing


Auditorium - Friday June 25




   Justin Marozzi

    The Arab Conquests


    Widely acclaimed historian, journalist and travel writer Justin Marozzi lifts the cover on his            latest book, The Arab Conquests. 




     Peter Stanford 

     Pilgrimage: Journeys of Meaning.

    The writer, editor, journalist and presenter Peter Stanford discusses his new book. What a           tempting prospect of travel….!




      AK Blakemore

       The Manningtree Witches


       AK Blakemore burst onto the literary scene with two remarkable poetry collections. These          she has just trumped with a widely acclaimed debut novel, set close to the water, not all              that far from here…...




    Jonty Driver

     Still Further 

    South African anti-apartheid activist, former political prisoner, educationalist, poet and writer     talks about and reads from his latest collection of poems, 2000-2020. In discussion with the 

   poet Sally Festing.



    Justin  Marozzi and guests 

     Eugen Sandow, Iron Men and The Magnificent Mrs Tennant


    Justin Marozzi presides over a  series of tributes to his friend David Waller, who did so much       for Sea Fever.



Auditorium - Saturday June 26


    Tim Fisher

     Schools’ poetry competition 

     This perennially popular event focuses this year on fishermen and fishing. 




    Professor Jon Cook, Jonty Driver, Louise Aston


    Heart of Darkness - a tract for our times

   Though published more than 120 years ago, Joseph Conrad’s masterly novella on racism and     imperialism is as pertinent today as when it first appeared. Stalwarts Jonty Driver and Jon           Cook debate Conrad and his work with mental health campaigner Louise Aston. 





    Professor Bart van Es

     The Cut Out Girl: A Story of War and Family, Lost and Found

     Costa prize-winner Bart van Es discusses his best-seller. ‘The Cut Out Girl braids together a        powerful recreation of Lien's intensely harrowing childhood story with the present-day                account of Bart's efforts to piece that story together.’


     Professor Patrick Barwise and Sarah Sands

     The War Against the BBC

     With the BBC once again in the spotlight, Professor Barwise’s new book (co-authored with          Peter York) could hardly be more timely. Sarah Sands, former editor of Today, asks the                  questions. 



    John Scarlett KCMG OBE and Nick Trend

     Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

     The former spymaster discusses spies and spying in fact and fiction with Daily Telegraph               journalist Nick Trend. 


Kiln Room - Saturday June 26




     Andrew Jordan CANCELLED


      Walking close behind - the poetry of Andrew Jordan

      Southampton based but born and bred in Wells, Andrew is a prolific poet with a highly               distinctive voice. Writes the poet and critic Jeremy Hooker, ‘He does not depict                           appearances but the forces that shape them and the possibilities they contain.’ Now hear            more. 



     Dorien Brouwers


Dorien has both written and illustrated this dazzling debut. One of her publisher’s lead children’s books for the year, she  ‘beckons us to climb aboard and discover the courage, grit, and resilience that resides within us all.’




     Laura Scott and Briony Bax

      So Many Rooms 

     Laura’s first collection was the winner last year of both the East Anglian Book and Seamus             Heaney prizes. Laura explores her remarkable debut with the editor of Ambit, Briony Bax. 



     Sally Festing and Professor Brian Falconbridge PPRBS

     White Queen’s Last Stand

     This is Sally’s very latest - sixth – collection of poems. It focusses on the life and work of the

     French sculptor Germaine Richier (1902-59), and the background that inspired it. 

     In conversation with the distinguished artist and academic, Brian Falconbridge. An absolute