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Sea Fever 6.5 – Saturday 29 October, 2022 


This October, we are hosting a special event called Sea Fever 6.5: Sea Power. It’s going to be half a day rather than a full one, and it’s not our regular May event, which in 2023 will be Sea Fever 7. Hence Six and a Half.

Here in North Norfolk we are all too aware of the power of the sea.

Until the advent of modern aids to navigation, for mariners this was one of the most dangerous of coasts in the whole country. Today, it is also one increasingly subject to flooding.

We also know something about sea power. Norfolk, of course, still bills itself as Nelson’s County. The man who brought us victory at Trafalgar and the Pax Britannica remains the country’s best-known sailor.

Sea Fever 3 was a celebration of Nelson. Sea Fever 6.5 takes as its theme the strategic power the great Admiral embodied.

Setting the scene will be Admiral Chris Parry, the Falklands’ veteran whose book Super Highway argues that the sea is set to reclaim its status as the world’s pre-eminent strategic medium. He’ll be followed by an event on the Cutty Sark, chaired by a leading authority on the clipper. Her most famous skipper, Richard Woodget, was born in Burnham Norton and died in Burnham Overy. In the age of sail, the Cutty Sark epitomised the power of Great Britain as the world’s pre-eminent trading nation. Our final take is fiction. In The Riddle of the Sands, Erskine Childers dramatized the threat posed to the country by an invasion of our coast from Germany, courtesy of the power of the Imperial German Navy. Autumn sees the centenary of Childers’ execution; the speaker will be his biographer – Sea Fever’s director - Jim Ring.

In a world which, every day, seems more unstable, power matters. This contemporary, historical and fictional take on sea power promises to be, lively, authoritative and all too topical.

Sea Fever 6.5 will be held on Saturday October 29 in Wells Maltings.

Tickets will be on sale imminently through the Maltings Box Office:; 01328 710885. Friends are entitled to priority booking.

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