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Slightly foxed

If you are interested in Sea Fever you may well already know Slightly Foxed. It’s a quarterly literary magazine that introduces its readers to books that are no longer new and fashionable but have lasting appeal. Many of its contributors are household names, and they write with passion and charm about works that are sometimes masterpieces, often neglected, and always worth revisiting. 


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We were absolutely delighted to be able to persuade the founding editors of Slightly Foxed to give a talk at Sea Fever 1; their event was one of the festival highlights: SF at SF


As to the quarterly itself, if you are not already a subscriber, the magazine’s podcast series will give you a very good flavour of just what you’re missing - not to mention the well-formed personalities of the Slightly Foxed office dogs. 


To find out more, visit: 

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Revival - Slightly Foxed

Books mentioned in podcast



Slightly Foxed Issue 61 (2:02)


Priscilla Napier, A Late Beginner (4:41)


L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables (12:00)


Noel Streatfeild’s Christmas Stories (12:47)


The Slightly Foxed Edition Gail refers to is Sword of Bone, Anthony Rhodes’s memoir of his experiences of WWII and being evacuated from Dunkirk (15:28)


Marjorie Hillis, Live Alone and Like It, is available through Little, Brown Book Group (16:00)


Winifred Watson, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, is available from Persephone Books (18:40)


Eric Newby, Love and War in the Apennines (23:26)


Mary Hocking’s trilogy of titles, Good Daughters, Indifferent Heroes and Welcome Strangers, are out of print, but we may be able to get hold of second-hand copies. Please get in touch for details (29:03)


Graham Swift, Mothering Sunday (29:37)


Sigrid Nunez, The Friend (30:06)


Amor Towles, A Gentleman in Moscow (30:48)

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